Low Scores Are Drudgery

Let’s all count ourselves happy that there no longer exists a debtors prison. Plus, if there were we would not be able to survive at all. Looking for a way out of debt? It might feel like you are already in debtors prison. But, you aren’t alone and remember most people who do not ignore their debt and actually try to fix it will be in a better position then those that choose to ignore it.

Credit has never been something that most people enjoy having or using. It’s a fact of life that when we want to rent a room, we need to have a credit/debit card to reserve it. If we want to rent a car, we need to have? You guessed it! A credit or a debit card. In most cases, you cannot get a mortgage, or even an apartment without a credit or debit card. It won’t happen unless you end up in a less than desirable area.

So, now what? First know that Credit Repair Guru of Brooklyn has your back. We are a locally known and nationally recognized company that provides clients with accurate and honest practices. We will help you become the credit happy person you used to be. Life get’s in the way. We see that and see it daily. But, are you going to let life get in your way?

Top five reasons for bad credit

1.Utility bills-you paid it late a couple times, or had to bundle payments. Guess what? They dinged your credit score.

2. Defaulted loans-not only did they take your taxes they took your credit.

3.Medical bills-We know that you did not want to default on those, but sometimes it can be a bit pricey.

4.School loans-school is expensive these days.

5.Inquiries into your credit. Did you know that every time you apply for credit someone checks it? Yes, and then your credit is dinged!


So what can you do now? Call Credit Repair Consultants right now to get your free credit score evaluation!