Credit Lingo

What is a Credit Score?

Credit scores are made up of three digits, that range from 300-850. Now, your credit is impacted by several determining factors, and when you start out you have no credit. How does that make sense? Honestly it doesn’t but it is the truth when you start your financial adult journey you begin with a blank slate, and lenders might not lend to you because you have no credit history.

Most people understand that credit is impacted if you don’t pay your bills. But there is so much more to it hthen not paying your bills on time. In fact, it’s more complicated than that. If you don’t pay your bills on time that’s one thing-but if you are late on them, or if you dafualted on a loan or have a lot of queries into your credit score-these things will bring your score down. The moment you start to slide your downfall begins.

Credit is used to show lenders your worthiness. If you have bad credit why would they lend you money, it looks to them that you cannot handle it. Some might use it to make more money off of you and charge a larger fee. A higher credit score will get  a loan at a lower rate then a low credit score. A low credit score may still get the loan, just at a higher rate.


Did you know you can see your credit report today?

You are entitled to a free copy of your credit report once a year, an offer you should take advantage of. When you do receive your credit report, check to ensure the figures are accurate and act quickly to correct any mistakes. This may include any clerical errors, identity theft issues or incorrect information. If your credit score is low, you should begin working on a financial rehabilitation plan, either on your own or with a certified debt counselor, to begin correcting your bad debt habits.